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Inside Zambia Presentation – 2015

Here’s our video presentation of what we’ve been doing the last few years in Chipata, Zambia! Our prayer is that you’ll be encouraged with the work that God is doing and that you’ll get to know our family a bit more! We’re really thankful for those who’ve sacrificed so that we can labor in this field!

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed when one’s eyes are opened to the needs that surround everyday life outside our borders. Often, we can’t do anything about it. But that time isn’t now and today has presented us with an opportunity to help another.

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3 Drinks – 3 Days – 50 Stars

Three Starbucks frappuccino drinks, three days – fifty bonus stars. This was the deal that just came through on my email account. I thought, how ironic that I get this seeing that my favorite drink is their raspberry, white mocha frap with 4+ extra shots of espresso!! The deal seemed tailored just for me and it got my attention. I was so excited that I quickly shared the great news with Lisa. She felt a little left out that she didn’t receive anything so she checked her phone and lo and behold, a similar email from Starbucks was waiting for her as well! But she had a different deal! Hers was actually on a drink that she normally got when we go out. Then it dawned upon us… They knew!!! The “special” deal that had seemed tailored just for me, actually was!! They were tempting me with my own weakness on a drink that they knew I couldn’t refuse!

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